Conveyancing & property transactions

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Residential & Commercial Conveyancing

Buying and selling of houses or land, whether it is residential or commercial land, can be an extremely stressful time. Our experienced staff can assist you in navigating your way through this, at times, complex area of law. Our staff provide a quality and professional service that will take the stress and worry out of this process for you.

Buying and Selling Businesses

Many people try to go it alone when buying or selling a business, and end up in terrible situations.  Our experienced team routinely assist people in buying business from the smallest part time business, through to multi-million dollar ventures.  Whether this is your first business, or you are an experienced business person, our team can assist. 


Commercial or Retail leasing is a complex area of law.  Our team regularly assist lessors and lessees in this often stressful time.  Many people are unaware of either their rights or obligations under a lease.  We can assist you in protecting your rights, and gaining the best of your lease. 


We regularly provide assistance to developers, both small and large, in creating small and large subdivisions.  Our team of experienced personnel are able to assist you in all aspects of property development and are able to help you protect your investment.